Red Rum x Flying Squirrel


Ear Notch: 60-5

Registration#: 582380005

Regular Price $100/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Tegan Walker

The Hereford show at Springfield was probably the best I’ve ever seen. The quality of all of those boars was outstanding! The one that kept catching my eye was this big-footed, big-boned, massive-skulled beast. He was a powerhouse. Rumble ended up placing reserve champion at the show, but I knew he was my number one choice. I really think that Rumble will be one of those boars whose name will show up on the backside of a lot of pedigrees in a few years. The hip and hind leg on this guy is as good as you could make one. He is big-topped, deep-bodied, has a big root on his tail head and is massive in just about any way you can measure him. That being said, he handles it all so well and still has a great show ring look about him. This guy needs to be used and he needs to be used hard. If you need to sturdy them up and add more mass and bone, but still want to keep that fancy look, you’d better get on board with Rumble.