prove you wrong

Black Panther X Outlaw


Ear Notch: 38-6

Registration#: 505366006

Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Bred by: DCM Hampshires & Durocs

This one might go down as the deal of the century. Prove You Wrong gets his name from everyone doubting him at the show. All I saw was a super sound boar with a heavy skeleton, and the freakiest head and neck on a Hampshire that I had ever seen. You could tell that he just hadn’t eaten very well the last couple days and had been ranting and raving so he was a little wrung out. We went back and got him up at least three times after the show, and I could just see this guy going home, settling down, getting his appetite back, and filling back up to prove everyone wrong. We waited two weeks after the show to picture him, and I’m pretty sure that I was right on with this one. This guy is super good. Just look at his pictures and watch his videos. There’s not much else to say. There’s already been some interest from the top Hampshire breeders in the country asking to get in on this one. He comes from one of the great breeders in the nation and has some of the best bloodlines you can find. I’m starting to get excited about Hampshires again.