Strong Armed

Selfish Ambition X Twisted


Ear Notch: 20-2

Registration#: 155850002

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $60/dose

Bred by: Armstrong Genetics

Strong Arm was one I found at the Armstrong Farm back early in the spring. I looked at many very good Chester boars there, and I thought two of them were as good as any I had seen in a long time. I just couldn’t get this one out of my head though. He is one stout rascal. Strong Arm is as square from the ground up as you could make one. He’s a shorter-sided, big-ribbed, big-legged, big-footed, big-topped, barrow making machine. I don’t care what color he is or what breed he is. If you have barrows built and looking like this guy you are going to win the purple banner of overall breeds at almost any show. His sire is Selfish Ambition, the boar that the Armstrongs and the Beyers kept and only used for their self last year. On the bottom side, he is a Twisted and his mama is No Clues littermate. His grandmama on the bottom side is a littermate to the famous Harvey gilt that was champion at the 2016 WPX, STC, and reserve at the Indiana State fair. Strong Arm has me excited about Chesters. This guy is going to be a difference maker. Get in early because this guy is going to be super popular