Easy Money

Gas Money x Skull


Ear Notch: 22-5

Registration#: 603433005

Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Robin Ridge Farm

Premier Sire, 2019 W.T.C.
Reserve Premier Sire, 2018 Fall Classic

Easy Money is a flat great one! We are very blessed to have been able to purchase this unbelievable Yorkshire boar before the Summer Type Conference! Thank you Mike! I made two trips to Clay City, IN to check this guy out and couldn’t get him out of my head. He is huge legged, tall shouldered, wide bladed with a big expressive top that leads into a huge hip! Easy Money is also perfect on his pasterns, square at the ground coming and going, and is as sound as you can make one! Easy Money was no accident either, his mama came from Jim Grimm and is a littermate to Grimmlin! Visitors are loving this guy. He is pretty special!!