time saver

Just In Time X Ruby Blues


Ear Notch: 70-4

Registration#: 173512004

Regular Price $125/dose

Overrun Price $65/dose

Off-Season Price $50/dose

Bred by: Rourke Sisters

Time Saver was our pick of the 2020 summer type conference. With a record number of spot boars registered to show, we went with the intention of finding that one special spot boar, and oh boy did we. This guy is one that you can study all day. You can look at at all different angles and it’s hard to find a single hole in him. He has the power. He has a look. He is really good on his feet and legs. He has a square, wide top, that connects to a level hip and a high tail set. He has as good of hip and hind leg as I have ever seen on a spot. Another great boar to add to our spot lineup. We are super pumped about this one. You can stop searching for your new favorite spot boar. Save yourself some time and use this guy now.