Class Action

World Class X The Reverend


Ear Notch: 12-2

Registration#: 501425002

Regular Price $150/dose

Overrun Price $75/dose

Winter Price $40/dose

Bred by: and owned with Kevin Wendt

To be completely honest, after everything that went down with the Hampshire Association last season, I was over the Hampshire breed. I didn’t really care if another one stepped foot on my farm. My mind was changed though when one evening out of the blue Kevin Wendt, a man that I’ve always looked up to and admired, sent me a short video of a Hampshire boar just walking in the alleyway of his barn. For some reason this video intrigued me and I probably watched it 20 to 30 times. I was amazed at how square, massive-topped, big-footed, and just overall good looking he was. He handled all of that mass so well and was as sound as you can make a boar, and somehow still had that show ring look to him. Class Action is and always will be the boar that got my blood pumping about the Hampshire breed again. You have to see this guy in person to fully appreciate how good he is. Not only is he outstanding physically and phenotypically, if you run a history check on his pedigree you’ll find more famous and influential Hampshire boars then you will find anywhere. A few of the big names you will see in his pedigree check are World Class, All Eyes, Outlaw, The Reverend, Revival, Madness, Point Taken, Point Maker, Capital Investment, Augusta, Sweet Tea, and Texas Flood. This guy is a breed changer and needs to be used hard.


Passed Purity Test at 95%