Volume Control

Gain Control X Lonzo (Journeys Littermate)


Registration#: 617412005

Regular Price $100/dose

Summer Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $50/dose

Bred by: Lorenzon Farms

Ear Notch: 62-5

Volume Control was an awesome find at Lorenzen Farms. When Tracy walked this guy out of the barn, I was overly impressed! Feet and legs on this guy are amazing, never taking a bad step. It is really hard to find a hole with Volume Control as he so complete. He is big ribbed, deep bodied, attractive from the profile, and has a perfect 7-7 underline. If you want to have that Yorkshire gilt or barrow that can win at any level, then you need to use this guy hard and will confidence. I guarantee Volume Control will hang banners! His mother was a littermate to Journey and he is no stranger to hanging banners either, plus we know what Tracy has done for the Yorkshire breed himself!