Easy Money x White Noise


Ear Notch: 3-5

Registration#: 619962005

Regular Price $35/dose

Overrun Price $35/dose

Bred by: Salmon Family & Silas Batt

It was a no brainer to bring Payday back to Southern Gold.  Just check out his pictures!  He’s one that is hard to find a fault in no matter what angle you’re looking at.  Payday is super square, bold and powerful all the way through, but still carries that cocky, fancy, show ring look.  He comes from two of our most successful Yorkshire bloodlines and I really think he came out with the best of both worlds.  He has the bone and power of the White Noise line and the look and show ring presence of the Easy Money line. White Noise has been putting winners out for years and Easy Money is becoming one of the hottest Yorkshire boars in the country, being Premier or Reserve Premier sire at the last 2 major type conferences.  I think Payday has the potential to out-sire his daddy in the future.  This guy is bred and made to make both superior gilts and those powerful, fancy barrows.  We are all in on this guy.  Breeding to Payday will definitely pay off for you.