Next Intention x Pumped Up


Price: $200/dose

Overrun Price: $100/dose

Bred by: Hoge Livestock

White Fire is the boar that we have been looking for!  Whether you are looking forward to making better blues or Southwest Yorkshires, White Fire is your guy!  He’s good livestock no matter what color he is!  As seen on the cover, this guy has a wide, square chest floor, with a cool front end!  His front end is that of a trendy show barrow, but he’s all man from there on back.  White Fire is a big legged, bold bladed, stout ribbed, and monster backed!  He’s thick and stout, yet has such a great look from the side.  If you are needing to put some consistency back into your litters, look no further.  White Fire’s mom is a purebred Yorkshire and his granddam is Gain Control’s mom.  Whether you are wanting to dominate with white hogs in the Southwest or make some cool blue’s White Fire is the key to your success!